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Why We Should End Daylight Saving

Daylight saving is a practice that is meant to adjust forward the clock during the summer and revert back during winter. This practice was started in the old days with the aim of using the daylight by having longer nights. It’s a method that was adopted in the aim of saving fuel. Following are the reason why we need to abolish daylight saving.

As it has been mentioned before the purpose of daylight saving was to help on fuel consumption. This was due to the fact that fuel was scarce in those days, unlike today. Means of transporting the fuel to various parts from the source was also a challenge. Today, unlike the old days more fuel is been discovered in various parts of the world hence means that fuel availability is no longer a challenge. Today technology has changed which has lead to improvement on machinery that is used to process the fuel at the same time makes transportation to various parts convenient.

The other reason why we have to end daylight saving is that during the hour shift many challenges are faced especially in the transport sector and hospitals. During time shift it’s a challenge to doctors and nurses to calculate the exact time to administer the nest dose to the patient. This affects the healthcare plan and also it’s a challenge to patients who need to take medication after the exact number of hours. The health of the patients may deteriorate further due to effects on daylight saving. Transport systems especially flights experience delays during time daylight time change. The effect of this is a loss of revenue for the company and also to other business owners due to delays.

Daylight time shifts affect the normal routine of individual including kids. The normal routine of kids changes since they are expected to have longer days than nights. The result of sleeping few hours is that the performances of the kids are affected due to feeling sleepy during class hours. This also the performances of adults due to staying awake for long at night. The effect of this is fatigue which is risky while driving since it’s likely that accidents will happen at this time.

Unlike the main purpose of daylight saving to save fuel more gasoline is used during daylight saving. This is because more people are traveling in the evening to spend time with family and friends unlike in normal days. This eliminates the need o save fuel since at the end more gasoline is used hence the need to end daylight saving. The article has shown that there is no need to practice daylight saving

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